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Rule Of Law Act
Model Legislation Proposed Nationally by  American Border Control

Seaport SecurityAct
Model Legislation Proposed Nationally by  American Border Control

Listen to Executive Directors interview on the Dubai World scandal on the Coast to Coast Radio program.
The clip runs 21 minutes in length.

Text of letter to Congress about Dubai operation of U.S. Seaports (PDF)

U.S. Seaport Commission Complete Statement on the Dubai  takeover of operation of U.S. Seaports.

ABC investigators caught COSCO red handed dipping shipping containers in Long Beach Harbor.  This practice is an outrage and potential for a huge  environmental nightmare in fragile US waters.


You are invited to attend

Freedom Leadership Conference
This Conference is Co-Sponsered by
American Border Control

featuring keynote remarks by
Jon Moseley, Esq.
Executive Director, American Border Control

A panel of "New Americans by Choice"
on "Why We Chose America"

Conference Theme:
Legalize illegals?

Why conservatives still say no to amnesty

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
7pm -9pm

To attend this conference click here.

For more information abouth the Freedom Leadership Conference:

“Right to Work” in Mexico demanded for U.S. Citizens

“Gang of 8” immigration plan should be amended in light of Mexico’s 4.47% unemployment rate vs USA rate of nearly 8%


American Border Control (ABC) demands equal time for American citizens in Mexico to match the benefits being proposed for illegal aliens from Mexico. If they are to be given this new “right to jobs in America” then, says ABC, Americans should have the right to hold jobs in Mexico as well.

American Border Control Executive Director Jon Moseley points to the big mistake many Americans are making as they look at the proposal being pushed by liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and moderate Republican Senator John McCain, saying “the Mexican unemployment rate for December is only 4.47% compared to the U.S. unemployment of the past four years of 8%.”A conservative advocacy organization has taken aim at the U.S. Senate “Gang of 8” proposal for “comprehensive immigration reform.”


For a 1 page copy of this news release with the "news release" header and contact information suitable for circulation click HERE)

Additional details documenting the ABC stance against liberalizing American immigration reform can be found HERE.



March 21, 2013 (Fairfax, Virginia) -- American Border Control (ABC) is urging legislatures of States along the Mexican border to formally demand that the United States Government immediately secure Arizona’s border with Mexico.  ABC is lobbying individual State legislatures to co-sponsor a formal, Constitutional resolution of the legislature.

Section 4, Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution commands the United States Government:
“The United Statesshall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive  (when the Legislature cannot be convened)  against domestic Violence.”
(Emphasis added.)

· Section 4, Article 4 is unconditional
Section 4, Article 4 is objective, not subjective
Section 4, Article 4 does not allow any decision by Washington
In sharp contrast to almost everything else in the U.S. Constitution, this does not empower the U.S. Government – thus allowing Washington to make a decision.  This highly unusual provision requires the U.S. Government to take action when requested by a State.

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Arizona Day
Support the Arizona Law
Should other states enact a law similar to that adopted in Arizona and in Prince William County, to enforce existing U.S. (federal) immigration law, and enabling police who have stopped someone for probable cause, to attempt to determine the immigration status if they then have reasonable suspicion to believe that person(s) is in America illegally?


A Call to Action
American Border Control
(ABC) echoes the clarion call of Senator James Inhofe in our pursuit of secure American borders and seaports.  His words were said some time ago but they still point to a significant national security threat at Pier J in

Senator James Inhofe
Leader for Secure Ports and Borders

Long Beach Harbor, California.  PRC Officials, agents and fellow travelers have executed
 a really great PR snow job and exerting their corrupt influence in America's political system via illegal campaign contributions.  This threat that COSCO at Pier J represents has not diminished in the intervening time but rather has expanded as it becomes more and more entrenched on American soil at Pier J and learns more and more about American security systems.

Senator James Inhofe's 1999 statement on COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company):
"COSCO is not a benign private commercial enterprise. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China's People's Liberation Army. It serves as the merchant marine of the Chinese military, and there is every reason to believe it will do their bidding in terms of smuggling, intelligence-gathering and weapons shipments. Considering China's long-term ambitions for superpower status in the next century, it would be foolish for America to surrender control of a strategically located West Coast port to an arm of the Chinese military."

Editors note: COSCO has since issued publicly traded stock, but the Government of China still owns 51 percent of the shares.  This gives Communist Peoples Republic of China 100 percent control of this not very "private" enterprise.

American Border Control supports legislation that will increase the scrutiny on our ports of entry, increasing the chances that COSCO will be caught red handed again engaging in illegal activities, leading to their expulsion from Pier J in Long Beach, California.

American Border Control
advocates passage into law of the Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007 (SAVE Act) to help safeguard our borders and ports of entry

The Save Act is sponsored by representative Heath Shuler of North Carolina.

Congressman Shuler's press release on the SAVE Act of 2007 (PDF)

Read Representative Heath Shuler's 3 Part Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration press kit (PDF)

Congressman Shuler's press release on the Discharge Petition for the SAVE Act (PDF)

Click her for a PDF of the Save Act

SAVE Act Discharge Petition

American Border Control urges you to contact your Congressman and Senators and urge that he work towards final passage of the SAVE Act of 2007.

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Text of Executive Director's U.S. Seaport Commission letter to Congress about Dubai operation of U.S. Seaports (PDF).

U.S. Seaport Commission Complete Statement on the Dubai  takeover of operation of U.S. Seaports.

Listen to Executive Director's interview on the Dubai World scandal on the Coast to Coast Radio program.
The clip runs 21 minutes in length.

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